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Why Choose US Lift LLC

US Lift LLCWe’ve been selling BendPak automotive lifts for about 23 years. We added the Ranger wheel service equipment when it arrived back in 1997. We sell ONLY BendPak/Ranger car and truck lifts and tire equipment shop supplies. That’s our difference. We are loyal to BendPak, and they are loyal to us.  

It’s a decision we made many years go and it’s turned out well for us and our customers. Having said that, this is a decision we review constantly...things change. All those buzzwords you hear, like Brand Loyalty, Quality, Innovation, Warranty...this is what we look at and we encourage you to do the same.  

Let’s look at Brand Loyalty.

Since 2008, BendPak has been the largest ALI approved lift brand in the world. Rotary brand would be number two. These are ALI audited sales numbers. Each year since 2008, BendPak has had remarkable growth in their sales.  We think you can call this a trend at this point, and it is a strong indicator of satisfied customers stayng with the brand.

BendPak's popularity is evident as they are everywhere on TV...Fast N' Loud, Street Outlaws, Graveyard Cars, Wheeler Dealers, All Girls Garage, Count's Kustomz, Vegas Rat Rods, American Restoration, Two Guys Garage, Bitchin Rides, Chop Cut Rebuild, Westcoast Customs, TruckU, and lot's more. Even Jay Leno has them in his Big Dog Garage.  

Quality & Innovation

Let's look at a couple of examples. Back in 2008, BendPak determined that if they increased the sheave diameter on their two-post lifts from the industry standard 3" to a giant 5" sheave, that they could dramatically reduce cable wear and therefore downtime and cost of ownership. To make this happen, they had to remake their columns - they made them much larger just to make the 5" sheave fit. This change added almost $300 in manufacturing cost to each lift. It wasn't necessary, but they chose to do it just to make a better lift.

BendPak uses proprietary cylinders. They worked with engineers over a period of almost two years to get them to meet their expectations. We know, sounds like a long time just to get a decent cylinder. They clearly saw it as a major issue and wanted the best. Other brands generally just use an off the shelf cylinder. Click here to learn more about BendPak cylinders.

BendPak safety factors are overbuilt. Basically, ALI/ETL lifts need to pass a 3:1 load rating test - ie a 10,000 lb capacity lift must be engineered to support 30,000 lbs. Most major brands will use Manufacturing Engineers to go through the lift designs to ensure whatever "fat" can be cut and still pass testing is done. Nothing wrong with this - as a manufacturer it makes perfect sense to save costs where you can - but it's not BendPak's way. These can be what seems like small things - extra thick baseplates on 2 -post, 4-post lfts have gussets from base plate to column to stop wobble, 2-post lift arms have extra metal welded around the hole to stop from wearing and becoming oblonged - but BendPak believes the extra cost to do this makes for a better lift, so they do it

All lift brands are made overseas! Competitors and/or their distributors like to infer that their brand is made in the USA, but this is not true. This is most likely done to justify the major price difference between BendPak and competitors to the end user. All the major brands build their product overseas. The difference between major brands like BendPak, Rotary, Challenger lifts is they build lifts in their own factory using their own designs. The off brands will buy lifts from a Chinese factory with no control over the manufacturing or design. BendPak has close to one million square feet of lift manufacturing in China just for lifts. BendPak started with a 220,000 sq ft factory. In 2006 BendPak opened another 300,000 sq feet and in 2010 added another 480,000 sq feet. BendPak is not only the largest lift brand, it has the largest lift manufacturing facility in the world. The factories are modern facilities with the latest in technology. BendPak operations in Santa Paula California are larger today and employ more people than when they manufactured in California. All the design and engineering is done in California.

two-post-car-lift-asymmetric-maintenance-free-load-bearings.jpgAbout 20 years ago, BendPak switched from roller bearings to UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) slide blocks to guide their lift carriages up/down the column. At that time, competitors used the UHMW slide blocks as a negative point against BendPak lifts. Its turns out BendPak were a leader, as a most manufacturers today use UHMW slide blocks including Rotary.

The advantage of UHMW blocks are, bearings are round and the surface area they cover is very small just like a tire on the road. The UHMW blocks are longer and wider so it has more surfaces on the columns. Also, they never need lubrication and are designed to last the entire life of the lift.

How about the Warranty offered?

Don’t fall into the trap of assuming the warranty coverage is going to be more or less the same for the different brands. The info below was pulled off the web and shows the current warranty coverage for some common lift brands (standard 2-post/4-post):

Component BendPak Rotary Forward Direct Lift Tuxedo Atlas (Greg Smith)
Structure 60 month 60 month 60 month 60 month 60 month 60 month
Hydraulics 24 month 12 month** 18 month 12 month 30 days (then seals only) 24 month
Power Unit 24 month 12 month** 18 month 12 month 12 month 12 month
Wear & Tear Parts 12 month 12 month** 12 month 12 month 12 month 90 days
Shipping 12 month 12 month 18 month 12 month none none
Labor 12 month 12 month 6 month none none none
** - increases to 24 months if installed by Rotary Authorized Installer (RAI)    

It’s interesting that Challenger lift doesn’t even provide the warranty coverage on their site. They want you to call in. Have to wonder why they make it so difficult to find out.

US Lift LLCChoosing A Dealer

So, you’ve decided BendPak/Ranger is the way to go. Good decision. Now, who should you purchase from? Do a quick Google search and you will find many businesses selling BendPak/Ranger.

Look a little deeper and you will see that the prices are all the same! But everyone advertises the “Lowest Price Guaranteed” What’s up with that? Here’s a little information for you. BendPak/Ranger, like most manufacturers, has an MRP-Minimum Resale Price- policy. This is the lowest price that dealers are allowed to advertise for or they will lose their right to sell. Everyone pretty much sells at this price. So, doesn’t matter who you buy it from, you will pay the same. And sure, some guys advertise to Call for Best Price...you will find that if you ask pretty much any dealer, they will give you a small discount of 1% or 2%. Again, pricing is all the same.

So, what about shipping and who has it in stock? It’s simple...no one except BendPak has it in stock. Everything is drop shipped by BendPak. They arrange the shipping.

So, you are thinking “what good is the dealer to me and what difference does it make who I buy it from?” We are glad you asked.

We talked about customer brand loyalty above. We have been brand loyal to BendPak/Ranger for over 23 years. We looked at one of our competitor’s sites the other day... what follows is a listing of the brands they are offering; Torin, Atlas, Rhino, Launch, Dannmar, Forward, BendPak, Triumph, Tuxedo, Mountain, Titan and Rotary.

Another competitor offers BendPak, Challenger, Forward, Auto Lift, Whip Industries, Maverick (Tuxedo) and Dannmar.

You get the idea. You have to ask yourself a few questions. First, do these dealers really have product knowledge for all these brands? Are they just order takers? Are they able to help me get the right piece of equipment for my purpose? We kind of think they don’t care what you buy...they just want your money.

BendPak has over 80 lift models...more than any other manufacturer... and we’ve sold them all. One of them will best suit your needs. We will give you your options and the pros and cons for each. Our job is to help you make the best choice.

So, now you need some after sales support. The warranty is provided by BendPak, so in theory doesn’t matter who the dealer is. While this is true to some extent, relationships matter. With us, you get the value of the friendship we have developed with BendPak staff over the last 20 years. You get the loyalty that BendPak has to us. The fact that we account for about 12% of BendPak/Ranger worldwide sales says we have clout. These other guys, not so much.

Before you make a buying decision, please read the Guide relating to the equipment you are looking at getting – Home/DIY Lift Guide, Tire Changer/Wheel Balancer Guide, 2-Post Lift Guide or 4-Post Lift Guide. There is a lot of information presented that can help you choose both a brand and the features/specifications you need.

There is generic information and some comparisons of BendPak/Ranger to other brands. While we hope to convince you that we and BendPak/Ranger are the best team to buy from, we recognize there are many choices. At the very least, it is worth a read as the more you know, the better your decision will be.

Questions? As always, our knowledgeable staff are available to help - click on the "Live Help" button to the right or Contact Us by phone or email and we will be happy to assist.