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Transmission Jacks

Transmission jacks are a vital automotive tool in your shop. Our online store stock the best selection of automotive shop supplies including a selection of transmission jacks. These transmission jacks make it easier to work on transmissions with less fatigue and easier access to the parts that need your service. Find the automotive tools you need and place an order with us today. 

  Capacity Lowered height Raised height Overall width
 RTJ-1100 1,100 lbs. 45" 72" 24"
 RTJ-1 2,000 lbs. 37" 73" 39"
 RTJ-3000 3,000 lbs. 37" 79-1/2" 45"

Transmission Jack Under Car LiftTypically, when removing a transmission, differential, or gear box from a vehicle, it begins with the automobile or truck elevated on a two-post or four-post lift. Transmission jacks are then positioned centrally beneath the vehicles transmission and raised slightly until the transmission jack lifting platform comes in contact with the flat surface of the transmission. After determining the transmission jack is centrally positioned and properly stable, it is then raised further to elevate the entire weight of the transmission so that it can be safely removed from the engine block. Once elevated, the hydraulic transmission jack can be raised further to allow adequate removal clearance. Prior to removal, it is important to secure the transmission to the lifting platform via straps or chains that are typically included with each transmission jack.

There are several different styles and models of transmission jacks, and although their purpose may be the same, their method of lifting may differ. Another possibility is their lifting capacities and cradles may be better suited to accommodate different kinds of vehicles or applications. Most passenger cars have fairly Transmission Jack Saddle lightweight transmissions that can be handled effectively by a transmission jack with a lifting capacity from 500 to 1,100 pounds. Models like the Ranger  RTJ-1100 transmission jack are perfectly suited for tasks like this.

Transmission Jack Helping With Undercar Swap on Car LiftWhen working on larger vehicle such as utility and fleet trucks, you’ll need to choose a transmission jack with a higher lift capacity, typically 2,000 – 3,000 pounds. Heavy duty transmission jacks are designed to be completely stable when handling heavier assemblies and are easy to maneuver when in use to ensure that large component removal is as effortless as possible. Heavy-duty models like the Ranger TransJak™ or the Ranger RTJ-3000 transmission jacks are better suited for tackling the large stuff but still convenient and mobile enough to service small automobiles as well.


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  • Ranger RTJ-1100 1/2-Ton Capacity Transmission Jack
    Request a Quote Ranger RTJ-1100 1/2-Ton Capacity Transmission Jack
    Price: $330.00
  • Ranger RTJ-1 1-Ton Capacity Telescoping Transmission Jack
    Request a Quote Ranger RTJ-1 1-Ton Capacity Telescoping Transmission Jack
    Price: $630.00
  • Ranger RTJ-3000 1-1/2 Ton Telescoping Transmission Jack / Truck Model
    Request a Quote Ranger RTJ-3000 1-1/2 Ton Telescoping Transmission Jack / Truck Model
    Price: $740.00