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Brake Lathes

Speedy, rugged and precise, the Ranger brake lathe selection is hands down the best-in-class investment you can make for brake service needs because they are exceptionally speedy, rugged and precise. The brake lathes for sale in our online store feature infinitely adjustable feed rates at the turn of the dial. Our brake lathes are designed to deliver perfect cut results every time. Ranger brake lathes are superior because they have independent DC servo motors to control the cross feed and spindle feed drives to eliminate the need for mechanical gearboxes found in traditional units. The result is a drastic reduction in repair and service costs throughout your brake lathe's lifetime. These are the brake lathes for sale that you can't wait to have in your shop!

A Ranger combination brake lathe is an effective and essential piece of shop equipment for curing brake pedal pulsation, annoying brake noise, vehicle driveability and safety. Ranger brake lathes easily correct thickness variations on rotor and drum surface areas, a common condition caused by uneven contact of the brake pad on the friction surface.

 Model Max rotor thickness Max rotor diameter Brake drum diameter Spindle travel Spindle speed
 RL-8500  2-1/2" 17" 6" - 28" 6-7/8" 150 rpm -
200 rpm
 RL-8500XLT  2-1/2" 17" 6" - 28" 9-7/8" 150 rpm -
200 rpm
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  • Ranger RL-8500 Combination Brake Lathe
    Request a Quote Ranger RL-8500 Combination Brake Lathe
    Price: $5,545.00
  • Ranger RL-8500XLT Heavy-Duty Combination Brake Lathe
    Request a Quote Ranger RL-8500XLT Heavy-Duty Combination Brake Lathe
    Price: $6,080.00