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Auto Stackers

Car Stacker Lifts

The solution for limited space at car dealerships and vehicle lots, the PL-14000 triple high car stacker lift by BendPak provides expandable car storage in indoor or outdoor parking areas. Parking lots, particularly in big cities, all eventually run into the same problem—space constraints. Before you go out and try to buy up the surrounding properties to knock them down and build another lot, consider BendPak’s PL-14000 triple-stacking car stackers parking solutions. The PL-14000 is the most cost effective way to increase your parking capacity by 300% without having to hassle with the pain of acquiring new property, obtaining building permits, an architect, and all that goes with creating a new structure. It's as simple as purchasing car stackers for your garage! Bendpak offers reliable, high-quality car lifts for garages that require the best in customer care.

For the ultimate in space saving, the quad-stacker PL-18000 allows four vehicles to be stacked in a single parking space. Order a car lift for your garage today!

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